Come Stitch
with me

I’m looking for model stitchers to stitch up brand new (top secret!) Jennie Lane designs for product photography and launch. I’ll send you supplies for you to stitch from the comfort of your own home. I’m after people based in U.S.A., who:

  • Are experienced cross stitchers who can follow counted patterns and produce high quality neat work.
  • Can work to a pre-negotiated deadline (you can dedicate as much or a little time as you want to stitching).
  • Can supply high quality digital images of ‘work-in-progress’ once a week as you stitch it up (natural lighting preferable).
  • Can let me know of any errors in patterns.

Fine print

Model stitchers will:

  • Will provide an SSN, email address and physical address, so I can send you a 1099 at the end of the year for payments you have received.
  • Return finished project on time via agreed meetup or registered post – I’ll reimburse you on completion.

I will: 

  • Pay $0.07 (seven cents) per stitch (our software can calculate this, you won’t have to keep track yourself). An average size Jennie Lane chart is 2000-3000 stitches, which works out to be $140-$210.
  • Reimburse all postage costs, if applicable.
  • Give you a digital copy of the pattern to keep.
  • Credit you for your work.

How this will work:

Model stitchers will supply the finished piece per the contract along with an invoice and I will pay the invoice upon receipt of the finished piece.

Extra bits (but still important):

  • Model stitchers will not share photos of design, either finished or in-progress, until I have officially released the new design. No sharing with fellow stitching companions or in stitch groups. I’ll credit you for your stitching skills (if you want me to) on the published chart and in social media.
  • Model stitchers will not share copies of chart or distribute copies of chart either during or after completion of the design.
  • Finished piece to be returned unwashed and un-ironed.