About Me

It’s been a while since I have actively done any designing. I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I moved to Phoenix and traveled to my local stitching store, Attic Needleworks. It so inspired me, ever since I drag every friend and relative to the Attic! After my first visit I dug out my drawing pad, markers and watercolors and so my journey begins once again, into stitching.

Growing up, I was always busy with my hands, whether painting, stitching, knitting, needlepoint or punch needle. I would have loved to have made a career out of selling my art, but practical minds and voices prevailed. For decades I sold products wholesale with other peoples art and designs. This included licensing Beatrix Potter, Teresa Kogut and many other artists through the years.

This remained true, until I landed at Accord Publishing. Where I was instrumental in creating page a day calendars for the crafting world. Specifically Scrapbooking, Knitting, Cross-stitch and Quilting calendars. I also worked with many designers, but two truly stood out and influenced me. Kam Snyder and Barb Stark of Ewe & Eye and Friends. With their needlepoint and cross-stitch business plus their retail store in Denver, I was mesmerized by the love and joy their designs emulated. Fast forward to today and I am working on my own line of designs that may hopefully do the same.

Working on new pieces, I love the art of designing for the home and wearable pieces, but my favorite, is to design a piece that gets finished, whether by a framer or by stitching. Usually, it’s me that’s the hold up when it comes to finishing! I so enjoy working on these – design wise, true confessions, Cheri Eddington is my model stitcher, she is extraordinary with her stitching and colors. I could not publish without her help and support as I am a very slow stitcher!

I hope the designs and pieces you find here bring you as much joy stitching as they did me creating making them.